Error in Washing Face

Error in Washing Face

Error in Washing Face – In washing our faces, we often make mistakes that we cannot predict. This is what can make our faces become damaged and problematic. Often you don’t realize it, it turns out that these five mistakes when washing your face are done, maybe by you too. Not only does it make the face not optimally clean, but also various other problems. Anything, huh?

1. Selection of soap that is not suitable for skin type

Who is easily poisoned by products from celebgrams or beauty teachers and just buy them? You don’t have to have all the products on display by them, you know. Especially if it doesn’t suit your skin’s needs.

Know your own skin type and don’t hesitate to consult a dermatologist. In addition, avoid soap that is too harsh so that it makes the skin dry or facial soap that is too soft and difficult to remove dirt on the face.

2. Washing your face too often

A fresh face and the smell of soap really improves your mood, doesn’t it? It makes me want to wash my face often!

But you need to know that the best time to wash your face is only 2 times a day and no more. Why? In addition to being irritating, this also causes excessive oil production on the face. Duh…

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3. Wash your face with too hot water

Are you confused about whether to wash your face with warm or cold water? Some say that warm water can make the pores open while cold water makes the pores closed. It’s a myth, though.

If you ask what is the best water temperature for washing your face, the answer is warm water. However, do not use water with a temperature that is too hot, because it can dry out the skin.

4. Dry your face with a towel by rubbing it

Do you know that the right way to dry your face is not rubbing it but patting it with a towel? Rubbing your face with a towel can harm your facial elastin.

Not only that, also avoid sharing towels with other people, even close friends or family. You never really know a person’s health condition, right?

Online Slot Gambling Agent with the Cheapest Deposit Amount

Online Slot Gambling Agent with the Cheapest Deposit Amount

Online Slot Gambling Agent with the Cheapest Deposit Amount – In this opportunity, in this article, we will introduce all online slot gambling class gamblers with one of the cheapest online slots on the Indonesian gambling game website, of course all online websites know that there are already several online gambling websites in Indonesia, but with a minimum deposit required. not so comfortable.

But, of course, online gambling sites for online gambling games in Indonesia today, each player must be vigilant because everything can’t be trusted, of course, online gambling online gambling sites that are fake sites have an incorrect minimum deposit.

Doesn’t every online gambler want to be cheated by online gambling game sites? Therefore, I recommend playing, the site can be trusted in Indonesia, of course, with the most comfortable minimum deposit.

With a minimum deposit, only 25,000 RP is really affordable, every player can play the deposit slot machine that has been prepared by the site.

Here are some features that online gambling agent live22 slots provide the cheapest and most reliable deposits at best.

There are ways to look at gambling game sites with the best online slots, which can be called the cheapest online slot deposit supplier websites, and reliable games for every player on the website have the following features:

Transfer and withdrawal processes are carried out immediately.
The security and personal data of all players on the website are protected by the most advanced protection mechanisms.

A gambling game site that is so easy to connect using a computer, netbook and Android can be connected to a network from the internet.

Cs and service will be online 24 hours a day to help members in trouble. Regardless of the winnings earned by members will be paid in full without deductions.

If you have found a deposit slot site with a minimum deposit of 25 thousand and has the above features, every player who bets online can register directly on the website.

If you decide to participate together, you are sure to enjoy several other advantages between our sites by each player:

Have Many Alternative Networks
Alternative links, of course, are really useful for any player who has trouble connecting to the site. This is because the Indonesian government has blocked online gambling game sites because these sites are banned in this country through the Ministry of Communication and Information.

Deposit and return quickly
This is an important thing in online gambling games, and the deposit and withdrawal process that occurs too quickly, of course, is quite fast compared to other online slots deposit Some gambling game sites Gambling game sites Gambling games Sites Gambling games Sites Gambling games and processes must be included.

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars – Acne is a problem that often occurs and is experienced by many people. Acne that has been deflated will cause scars that long disappear. That kind of thing makes a lot of people feel very uncomfortable. One way to get rid of acne scars naturally is to use selected ingredients as masks. So, what materials can be used? Read on below!

1. Aloe vera

Aloe vera, also known as aloe vera, is not only able to moisturize the skin but can also disguise black spots and acne scars. This is because aloe vera contains aloesin which can inhibit the formation of melanin. Use the aloe vera plant, then take the flesh or gel and use it as a face mask. Leave it on for 20 minutes so that it is well absorbed, then rinse with water. Do it regularly.

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

2. Lemons

Not only does it contain vitamin C which can brighten the face and fade dark spots, lemon also contains AHAs that can revitalize facial skin. Apply lemon juice and let sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing with water. Because lemon has the effect of removing facial oil, apply moisturizer immediately after using this mask.

3. Cucumber

Often see people using cucumber as a mask? It turns out that this is not without reason you know. Cucumber contains vitamins A, C, and magnesium which are able to hydrate the face while eliminating redness on the face due to acne. Simply slice thin cucumbers, then place the slices all over your face for 30 minutes. Acne scars disappear, the face becomes fresher.

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4. Turmeric

Not only can be used as a cooking spice, turmeric also has properties for facial skin. You can pound turmeric until smooth or you can also use turmeric powder mixed with water, then use it as a mask. Turmeric which has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties can get rid of acne and its scars if used regularly.

5. Honey

The next way to get rid of acne scars is to use honey. It is no secret that honey has a myriad of benefits for health and beauty, one of which is to disguise acne scars. Apply on the face, then massage in circular motions and leave for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. Make sure you use organic honey or real honey.

6. Tomato

Besides being good for consumption, tomatoes are also useful as a face mask. Not only able to disguise and remove acne scars, tomatoes which contain vitamins A, C, and lycopene also have a skin tightening effect. Just stick the tomato slices on the face. Or you can also smooth it and use it as a mask.

Prepare Online Slot Gambling Winning in the Following Way

Prepare Online Slot Gambling Winning in the Following Way – Online casino slot games are a type that is very much played by some gamers. The reality is really different.

But most importantly, the stakes are really easy to play. Not to be confused, some game fans have no difficulty when playing bets. No exception novice novice games that are not present for members. Nowadays, there are many betting sites that provide direction games. Not confused novice bettors and not the time to bet to play hard.

Slots are another type of casino gambling from other types of bets. because there will be like a machine that has become a game medium. You simply pull the lever on the machine and the chance of a single shot is there. If the image you choose is with the image from the same monitor, you will win the game. The jackpot in the joker388 slot is so high. Not to be confused, some game fans become rich champion profiles easily when playing slot machines.

Prepare Online Slot Gambling Winning in the Following Way

1. Analyze the machines on the site and the slots to be played

There are many sites on the internet gambling sites. Of course, you must register for a member on the site that has a license. Because sites that are allowed tend to be more secure, more convenient and provide great benefits. not to confuse the fun of gaming on slots through the machine. There are many slot machines that can be played. Get to know the first slot machine and choose the one that is more suitable for the game.

2. Prepare good capital and tutorials to set up

Every betting lover will have another capital. You can use this capital to start gambling games the right way. do not forget the relationship with good management. Suffice it to explain in front of him the game does not start to eat a lot of money for capital. No, use a little or a little capital in front of online slot games to get to know your current luck.

3. Don’t forget to leave the winning target

fun and challenging, but there are limits to keep in mind. The best way to keep an eye on gambling is to decide on the winning goal. You can give the target you want. But make sure it’s within your means. For example, if you have good skills, regardless of what you give high targets and so on.

4. Mingle with the best sites and communities under Slot games

Try to enter with one of the reliable gambling sites that offer many advantages. The best sites are sites that have permission. Guaranteed site safety time for betting fans. Don’t forget to log in with the slot community. There is a lot of information in it. From tutorials, tricks, game upgrades to explore after that pro bettors.

Important Reasons to Use Toner

Important Reasons to Use Toner – Some people really take care of their facial skin. A clean face will prevent us from waiting pimples. Many people, after washing their faces, just keep their faces silent. But do you know the importance of toner for the face?


This is the most important part in the main function of the toner. In addition to using a face wash, toner also helps to clean the dirt on the skin.

In addition, toner can also make the pores cleaner so it will not make the pores look large. Using a toner after washing your face can also prevent acne breakouts and protect acne-prone skin.

Important Reasons to Use Toner


Clean skin is healthy skin and of course beautiful. For that, make sure all kinds of dirt, from dust, makeup, and sebum, are removed from the facial skin.

After a double cleanse, wipe the face with a cotton pad that has been poured with toner, to make sure the face is clean of dirt residue.


Most K-beauty toners don’t contain alcohol, so can they still fight acne? Of course!

There are many ingredients in toner besides alcohol that are soothing and anti-inflammatory. Toner can also exfoliate the skin lightly, clean pores, and kill bacteria.

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Think of your skin as a sponge. A dry sponge makes it difficult for the product to absorb. On the other hand, a damp sponge indicates that it is ready to receive the next product.

By using toner before serum and moisturizer, you ensure the product you use next can be absorbed and provide optimal results.


Can be used with a cotton swab or patted with the palm of the hand, toner is no ordinary water! In fact, toner has many benefits.

In addition to balancing the pH of the skin, toner can also make facial skin brighter and glowing. Remember ladies, healthy and happy skin is beautiful skin!

A Beginners Guide to Playing Sportsbook Gambling

A Beginners Guide to Playing Sportsbook Gambling – The way given to play online sportsbook betting games for novice and professional players will certainly be different.

Have you ever played on virtual games and made money? Yes, you are right by playing soccer gambling games that are so cheap that they are included in the game. Now you no longer need to bother betting with soccer gambling as is usually done when playing and betting land soccer gambling games. Because, only by holding a smartphone can you make bets.

This convenience allows the players to bet whenever and wherever you are. Of course there will be no need to worry about where to meet other players. When you have made a bet on a soccer gambling game that is so cheap, then of course there is a capital that you have to spend, it will not be large, you need to know that to play online soccer gambling games, you no longer need a lot of money for you to make capital.

A Beginners Guide to Playing Sportsbook Gambling

This is a Guide to Playing Soccer Gambling for Beginners

For those of you who are novice players playing on the best soccer betting sites, therefore you must first read about the guide on online gambling. Not without reason, but because with it you will know how football betting takes place. Because, you will know the advantages that the players will get. The following explanation for more detailed information.

Don’t Need A Lot Of Money To Be Capital

As mentioned earlier, to sbobet365 bet on cheap soccer gambling games, you don’t need to need so much money to be used as capital when playing. For those of you who are interested in and immediately play one of these virtual games, therefore what you need is only a smartphone that is connected to the internet and only tens of thousands of capital.

To get such a huge profit that promises, of course, first you have to understand correctly about the existence of the virtual soccer gambling game. Besides that, you also have to be able to make sure that you always get updated information about soccer games every day. For those of you who are new to getting into online soccer gambling games, to be able to win bets, one of them must learn from the things above.

The Right Market For Beginners

To understand and understand about the existence of online soccer gambling games is not something that is so difficult for you to do. What you need to do is learn about two things. The first thing you have to do is to control yourself. This is of course the most important thing when betting online soccer gambling. A gambler will not be able to succeed if he has weak self-control.

By having you see the latest soccer betting match schedule, it is certain that you can see the matches of the teams you want

This self-control is very important for players to have because if you don’t force yourself during the game, you will always be carried away by the desire to continue to get so many advantages. In fact, if you can see that with a calm heart and mind, the profits that have been obtained will be double the capital you have spent on betting.

Always Sharpen Your Instinct With Updates About Football News

After betting with the handicap market, what you have to do next is sharpen your instincts to be able to win the bet. This instinct can be done once with a way to always update information about the presence of instincts that have been directed then you have provisions in betting. So to be able to win the bet it will be very possible.

Online Slot Games Promise Profits and Wins

Online Slot Games Promise Profits and Wins

Online Slot Games Promise Profits and Wins – Playing online slot gambling games seems to be the latest trend among the population as it is today. This is none other than because the online slot gambling game itself does provide a myriad of functions for you. On the internet itself, you can find lots of gambling websites that offer online slot games at this time.

Then, the existence of the slot game itself can be the best choice for people who want to bet on online slot games more freely. To be able to bet on this online slot, first of all, you must connect to an online gambling game account. You take it easy, to connect to a game account it can be done easily.

However, you must remember that before you play. You also have to see whether the website you choose can be trusted or not. This is not without reason, because there are lots of fake/fake gambling websites that you can find on the internet. However, behind it all playing in online slot888 gambling games will also offer a million functions for you.

A number of advantages of playing online slot gambling games

When you play online slot games, you will get a lot of advantages and also a number of obstacles, of course. In the following, we will discuss the advantages, especially first, such as:

Can Bet With More Freedom

The first advantage that you can get from playing the online slot gambling game itself is that you can bet more freely. This is none other than, because you can bet while enjoying your spare time. In addition, the level of security provided by the online slot gambling agent website is more safe and guaranteed.

The reason is that the way to play from the online slot gambling game itself can be done using only an Android / iOS smartphone.

Can provide additional entertainment

Then, the advantage of online slot gambling games after that is that the game can be a separate entertainment for you. In playing this slot, of course, there are various interesting game styles and we can play at any time.

Each game will certainly provide its own entertainment for you. That way, it is certain that you will not get bored quickly when playing this online slot gambling game. For example, the lucky god 2 progressive game comes from joker123, Fa Fa Fa comes from pragmatic play, and so on.

Abundant Bonuses

The advantage that you will get by playing in the next online slot gambling game is that you can get attractive bonus opportunities. This is not the same if you play on a land agent website, where the bonus will be very limited. With so many abundant bonuses, it will definitely have an effect on your finances later.

Train your mindset

Indirectly along with betting on online slot gambling agents. So, it will help you to hone or train your mindset. Obviously this is none other, because in online slot gambling games it requires you to choose what kind of trick to use. Then, in this slot gambling game itself it also requires you to have a high level of patience.

Great Value Gifts

In the world of online or offline slot gambling. This game is already famous for its very large prize value. It is proven by the number of slot gambling players who manage to reach hundreds of millions of rupiah every day just because they play slot gambling.

Indeed, the value of the prize is very large, it can make the player a millionaire. So, it’s no wonder that slot gambling games are still dubbed as games with the best amazing prizes.

Avoid Some of the Following Movements in Playing Poker Gambling

Avoid Some of the Following Movements in Playing Poker Gambling – Making mistakes in movements or steps while playing online poker gambling games is the biggest trigger for losses and losses.

While playing the official online poker site, have you ever felt disappointed and annoyed? If it’s true, you can be sure that you have made a mistake while playing Indonesian cc poker. Disappointed here is the point when you experience defeat while playing real money online poker. There is a possibility that you become stressed instead of having fun and excitement. Due to the gambling element that uses real money while playing Indonesian games. Yes, but if you understand what mistakes you made, do you still want to be disappointed?

Avoid Some of the Following Movements in Playing Poker Gambling

Yes, some of the members we have interviewed have admitted to being disappointed and emotional at Indonesian cc poker because they suffered a big loss. Even though in fact if you choose an official online poker site that has no robots in it, they are not at fault though. This can be triggered by yourself making more than one mistake that can lead you to the brink of defeat. As much as possible you minimize mistakes when playing real money online poker dealers such as fighting.

It’s okay if you feel stressed because of a mistake. But can you still continue to get carried away by the situation until things get messy? Of course, this is really not recommended while playing on one of the official poker gambling sites. Even being a resourceful creature, you should be able to control yourself to play real money online poker. You must be a person who wants to get better while playing Indonesian poker games.

Avoid Mistakes While Playing the Official Online Poker Website

Many of these elements can make you beguiled on the brink of defeat. It can even be said that some of the players who were previously loyal to one of the Indonesian poker game sites became disloyal and gave up playing. Have you ever seen a picture that shows that you always dig a deep hole but in fact you give up even though you actually come back a little you can get really a lot of diamonds? Likewise, while playing the official online poker site, there is a possibility that you are too close to winning but you have given up first. You can’t know what the future will be like without constantly trying to play real money online poker.

Never give up and keep trying in Indonesian poker cc. By choosing a website that is truly trusted, which in the sense of being able to give it a winning result regardless of the number, it means that you are guaranteed to become a rich person easily. You can play with minimal capital in Indonesian poker games. But you can use this kind of thing while playing real money online poker. Always dig deeper into playing on official online poker sites.