Know Your Face Shape and Personality

Know Your Face Shape and Personality – As we all know, humans in this world have various face shapes. Starting from round, square, oval, to a face shape that resembles a heart. Each of these face shapes has its own characteristic meaning as well. This is also what makes people’s characteristics vary only from the shape of their faces.

Although basically there are many factors that can shape a person’s personality. But there’s nothing wrong with being a little bit able to feel a person’s personality from the shape of his face.

Each person’s different face shape is also quite an influence on appearance. For example, someone who wants to buy glasses will of course adjust the model of glasses that matches the shape of their face.

This is because glasses that are too big will not look right if they are worn by people who have a small face shape at the bottom, or vice versa. Not only that, the shape of the face is also usually an important factor to consider every time a woman wants to wear a hijab.

The hijab model that will wrap the head certainly needs to be adjusted to the shape of the face to make it look suitable so that the appearance becomes more attractive. Likewise with men, the shape of the face is also an important thing to adjust the hairstyle you want to have.

In addition to matters of appearance, it turns out that the shape of the face can show a person’s personality. In this case, every face shape that a person has has its own character that can show the nature or personality of that person. Then what kind of face shape and personality of each of them. Here we will discuss Face Shape and Personality:

Heart Face Shape
The face shape and personality that will be discussed first is the heart face shape. This face shape is similar to the shape of a heart, which is short and wide at the top.

According to a study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, people who have this face shape are said to have a stronger sex drive. People with a heart shape face also tend to have wild sexual fantasies.

In addition, women with a heart-shaped face are known to have both open and closed characteristics. If the nose and lips have a more prominent shape and the jaw muscles are smaller, then someone with this face shape is an open woman.

Conversely, women who have flat noses and protruding jaws are more likely to have a more assertive and closed character.

Square Face Shape
The next face shape is a face with a square shape. People who have this face shape, tend to have an ape character.

In this case, a square-faced man with a broad forehead looks more aggressive, dominant, and unethical. This is like the results of research listed in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

In addition, people with this face shape are brave people who are willing to take all kinds of risks that will occur.

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Round Face Shape
The next face shape is a round face. It is said, people who have this type of face shape tend to snore while sleeping.

In a study conducted by Case Western Reserve University, it was found that people with a round face shape at any age, male or female, and at risk of obesity or not, are equally prone to snoring during sleep.

Even so, people who have round faces will look more youthful and innocent.

Diamond Face Shape
Next up is the diamond face shape. People with a diamond-like face shape are said to have good personalities.

This can be seen from the shape of the face with prominent cheekbones, as well as a narrow jaw and chin. This face shape can give a person the appearance of being honest and reliable.

This face shape is usually owned by most Native Americans.

Oval Face Shape
Then, form an oval face. People who have an oval face shape usually dominate in beauty contests or events.

Not without reason, this one face shape is indeed able to give a feminine and attractive appearance. No wonder, if people who have this face are able to attract everyone’s attention because of their beauty.

Even so, many people only admire people with this face shape physically. Unlike people with faces like diamonds who are able to attract many people to get close.

Rectangular Face Shape
Lastly is the rectangular face shape. People with rectangular faces are said to have the character of a strong leader.

As per a study published in Psychological Science, people with rectangular faces have high cheekbones, broad foreheads, protruding jaws and stronger jaws.

This face shape also gives the impression that the person can control the situation, compared to people with long faces. So that people with rectangular faces can emit an aura of assertiveness, courage, and trustworthiness.

Make blackheads on makeup attached to the mask

Make blackheads on makeup attached to the mask

Make blackheads on makeup attached to the mask – at times like this we often use masks whether there is an effect on our faces that we never know which turns out to cause blackheads due to make-up.

The pandemic requires us to always wear masks when traveling. This then becomes a challenge for everyday makeup users. Apart from the fact that makeup sticks to the mask, the skin in the mouth area downwards is also prone to blackheads to acne.

Great makeup starts with a great foundation, too. Therefore, it is very important to make sure facial skin is clean before using makeup. Before applying makeup, we must ensure that the skin is clean. So it’s important to always do double cleansing. when using layered skincare, don’t be in a hurry. Let it absorb first for about 3 minutes then overwrite it again. So that when you finish using skincare until the last stage, wait a minute and then put on makeup.

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Makeup wears off easier when combined with oil. Therefore, if you use a mask, the skin gets closed, so it sticks quickly. Try looking for makeup that has oil and sebum control so it can be more transferproof. The sign that the skin can breathe when using makeup is that our pores are not closed. Usually when the pores are closed, after you’ve cleaned and made up the skin, the skin looks like it has a lump. Means that makeup does not make the skin breathe.

therefore pay attention to the steps when we make up to use masks while traveling.