causes of acne and how to deal with it

causes of acne and how to deal with it

causes of acne and how to deal with it – maybe for women who are dizzy thinking about pimples that grow around the nose and do not know the cause and how to cure it must be looking for all means.

acne is synonymous with problems that are often experienced by puberty. the fact is that after passing through this phase, acne can still appear. Besides feeling uncomfortable, acne can also damage your appearance. Acne can spread from the face to the back. and several locations where pimples can appear and irritate. One of them is on the nose.

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acne vulgaris is caused when the pores in the nose become blocked, thus trapping bacteria. The sebaceous glands produce an oil-like substance called sebum. Sometimes, there is too much sebum and traps dirt, such as dead skin or bacteria, in the pores.

The nose is prone to pores in this location which tend to be larger than in other places. The larger size makes it easier for dirt to become trapped, leading to acne breakouts. Rosacea looks like a pimple on the nose which then spreads from the cheeks to the chin caused by inflamed blood vessels, making it visible on the surface of the skin. It can also cause acne-like bumps. Keep in mind that although rosacea looks like acne, it is not acne. Until now the cause has not been found with certainty.