Stay Away From These Foods If You Don’t Want Acne

Stay Away From These Foods If You Don’t Want Acne – Excess hormones in the milk consumed will worsen acne and cause pigmentation. Maybe some people are confused about why their facial skin still has acne, even though they have routinely cleaned their face in the morning and evening every day. Well, some people do not realize that the intake of food and drinks consumed can also be one of the causes of acne, not just a matter of being lazy to clean the face. When a pimple appears on the face, it feels like we are lazy to leave the house and meet a lot of people. Our self-confidence can drop drastically. We will also immediately try to get rid of acne in various ways so that we can return to activities with confidence.

Acne is a problem for women. Acne on the face has several types, one of which is cystic acne. Stone acne is the most stubborn acne, than other acne. Stone acne or commonly called cystic acne, has a large and hard size. This pimple is very difficult to get rid of. Stone acne occurs due to excessive oil gland production. Bad lifestyles such as rarely cleaning makeup, staying up late and consuming fatty foods, can cause cystic acne.

If you want your acne to heal quickly, it’s a good idea to avoid some of these foods for a while.

Foods and drinks to avoid

1. Milk and its processed products

Drinking milk every day is healthy for the body and digestive system. However, it should be noted, consuming excess milk is also known to cause the body to produce a lot of insulin and can be considered insulinogenic. Milk can also cause a congested hormone delivery system and hormones directly linked to acne. So, if you want your facial skin to remain smooth and free from acne, then avoid consuming milk drinks and dairy products in excess.

2. Bread

Gluten in bread, not only can damage the small intestine but can also increase inflammation in the body. Mentioned, eating bread can raise the possibility of antioxidants in the body to be depleted. Therefore, try to slowly reduce it until you can completely eliminate bread from the list of foods that are commonly eaten every day.

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3. Spinach

Spinach is usually recommended to eat so that the body is healthy and the skin is cleaner. But keep in mind, consuming spinach in excess can cause acne on the face. The reason is because spinach is known to contain large amounts of iodine.

4. Fried foods

Fast food for most people can make acne worse! The fats in these fried processed foods can make the skin look unhealthy and can even lead to the accumulation of excess oil.

5. Alcohol

Alcohol can not only trigger inflammation but can also cause an imbalance in testosterone or estrogen levels in the body. Excessive alcohol intake can put the body at risk for zinc deficiency, where zinc is considered a substance that can fight acne.

6. Caffeine

Apart from causing acne, caffeine has a tendency to have an effect on the skin as a whole. If you want clean and smooth skin, it’s better to limit or if you can avoid drinking coffee or any type that contains caffeine in it.

7. Spicy food

Spicy food is delicious and appetizing. However, eating too much spicy food can harm the digestive system such as triggering inflammation in the digestive tract, it is also said to produce acne on the skin.

8. Refined Carbs

Refined carbohydrates are made from flour which is then processed. For example bread, biscuits, cereals and pasta. These refined carbohydrates also have a high sugar content.

Although refined carbohydrates do not produce too much sebum, the sugar content in refined carbohydrates will cause inflammation in cystic acne.

9. Fast food

It is not wrong if fast food or fast food is called junk food (junk food). Because this food does not contain nutritional value. Most likely fast food is processed from carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, sugar, and dairy products, all of which can trigger acne.

In addition, carbohydrates that are processed many times in fast food can also make your acne worse.

10. Coffee

Are you an enthusiast of capucchino, espresso, or other processed coffee products? Avoid this drink for a while until the acne heals. Because excessive coffee consumption can cause hormonal imbalances that can trigger stress and ultimately cause acne.

If you need caffeine in coffee, switching to green tea for a while can be a solution.